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JLS Custom Rods Pro Staff

There’s so much happening behind the scenes of JLS Custom Rods, to ensure our clients receive the highest quality rods possible. We rely on our pro staff for constant feedback and testing of our custom rods. With a mix of professional guides and accomplished anglers our rods are on the water each and every day being put to the rest. 

Pro Staff: Features

Captain Jamie Clough, Eastern Shore Light Tackle Charters

Captain Jamie certainly needs no introduction if you follow the light tackle fishing scene. Considered the best of the best in light tackle fishing on the Chesapeake Bay. Jamie can be found on the water practically on a daily basis chasing the biggest fish lurking the Chesapeake.

Captain Tony Moreira, MoreFins Charters

Considered by many to be one of the most well-rounded anglers in the industry. Captain Tony can be found as far south as Florida chasing monster Tarpon, Snook and Triple Tail to the Chesapeake Bay crushing Cobia, Bull Red Drum and trophy Stripers. Do yourself a favor and book a trip, he will surely give your arms and our rods a thorough work out.

Travis Long

Travis is the author of the popular blog Teacher’s Pet Fishing. Fishing out of his fully equipped 27’ Judge he’s on the water several days a week. Travis follows the fish up and down the Bay chasing the biggest species available at any given time of the year. When he’s not fishing Travis is active online helping other anglers and promoting the brands that have helped make him to be a successful angler.

Pro Staff inquiry

We Select Pro Staff on a limited basis focusing on guides and anglers who have a large following and positive presence. If  you feel you fit this description we would love to hear from you.

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