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Services and warranty

Pricing and warranty info: FAQ

Custom Rod Pricing

Custom Rod building is just that, CUSTOM. For that reason, we do not have set pricing. Each customer has different wants and needs. Therefore we offer free, no obligation consultations and quotes. Some anglers want a plain rod to be as light and sensitive as possible. Other's like bling, while other's want just a slight personal touch.

For this reason, it would not be fair to charge a set price.

Our rods include your choice of grip cork,EVA, carbon fiber, winn, paracord or flocked shrink wrap (custom made grips are extra) choice of reel seat, two colors of thread with accents around  the split grip ( if your rod has one), hook keeper and up to the first guide, your name or other inscription on the rod.

All rods are static load tested and our guide spacing is done to match the reel to your rod to ensure you get the most distance and performance when casting. This also prevents the line from touching or going under the blank while loaded.

Custom rod services and add on's

  • Custom Logo design and decals

  • Marbling

  • custom grips 

  • Cork engraving

  • Butt wraps (fancy thread work), dragon scale, chevrons, tiger wraps saw blades, olive branch

  • Adding accents with thread or other materials around your custom lettering or logo

  • More than two colors of thread and extending multiple colors past first guide

  • Adding gloss to matte blanks

  • Custom blank painting ( we use only automotive flex paint and 2k clear coat)

  • Abalone

  • Themed rods

  • Additional rod trim/ fancy winding checks

  • Any other idea's you can dream up


All of our rods come with a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship. If a reel seat comes loose, guides fall off something like that we take care of it no questions asked. Normal wear and tear is not covered. Grips missing chunks, getting dirty, finish getting scratched are the types of things that are normal wear and tear with use and are not warranted. We also offer free guide/ tip top replacement for the life of the rod. 

Our blank warranty is as follows, from 0-45 days we will replace the rod at no cost after the old rod is returned to us.

46-180 days from date of purchase we will replace for %50 of cost of new

You also need to have a receipt if the rod was not purchased directly from JLS. Please note, Faulty graphite breaks on the first time or two of use. We also reserve the right to refuse warranty in cases of abuse or mis-use

To start a claim with us you will need to contact us. We will need you to return the rod to us either by dropping off or mailing. 

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